Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday Review: New Ricola Dual Action Cough Drops

    When I am sick, everyone knows it. Not necessarily because I spend a little more time in bed, or because I ask my older kids to help take care of my younger kids. I guess it might mostly be because I complain. A lot. Yup. I'm a big baby. I don't try to be. It just... happens. I suppose I'd be less likely to whine about not feeling well if I'd just take some medicine, but I don't like taking medicine even more than I don't like being sick. I just can't stand how it fogs my mind. I can't even imagine taking some of that "Nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing..." you know the stuff... and trying to take care of the kids at the same time. In my haze, I'd probably let them eat candy and play video games all day long! So, I am doomed to just ride it out and try to make myself feel better in more natural ways. This usually means garlic! And lots of it! Which is okay, because I love garlic. It also means cough drops. My favorite cough drops/throat lozenges are Ricola. I like that they are all natural and I like that they are YUMMY! Oh, and they work well too... yes. That is important.

    I recently got a couple of coupons for the New Ricola Dual Action Cough Suppressant/Oral Anesthetic. It was buy one, get one free. As I was walking through the isles of our local Safeway store, I noticed that they were selling the New Ricola Dual Action at a special introductory price of only $1.79 a bag. I HAD to buy them! I picked up four bags. Later that night, even though I wasn't sick, I decided to try one. I can see how these Ricola Dual Action cough drops will be my go-to cough drop when I am sick!

    I chose the cherry flavor- easy choice, since that was the only flavor the store had. But come on... CHERRY!  Yum! The hard outer cough drop has a nice flavor, and it has a slightly numbing effect to soothe an irritated throat. The center is liquidy and it is pretty strong. It will definitely clear your sinuses! I recommend you pick some up now, to have on hand when that sore throat and sniffles sneak up on you!

Overall Rating: ¢¢¢¢¢


Fifi said...

I think I'm gonna need some of these really soon!! lol!

thank you for the follow! following you as well!

c.w.frosting said...

Great invention. I'm definitely going to need these this winter! Thanks for visiting me. I'm following now but couldn't find your email!

-caroline @ c.w.frosting

Smart Cents Review said...

Fifi & c.w.frosting, thanks for stopping by & following! :-)

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