Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Review: Claim Jumper Coconut Cream Pie

    One evening, we were sitting there watching TV. Or maybe I should say my husband was flipping through channels watching snip-its of this and that until he found something interesting. Either way, we ended up on the food channel when something caught our eye- a beautiful Coconut Cream Pie! It looked so yummy! Well, a couple of evenings later, my husband picked up a frozen Claim Jumper Coconut Cream Pie on his way home.  It says "thaw and serve" on the front, so I let it sit on the counter while I made dinner.

    When it was time for pie, I opened the package and found that it was nicely wrapped . After tearing off carefully removing the plastic, I cut into the pie. It was still a bit frozen, but that was ok with us! I served it up, anyway! It had a nice coconut flavor to it, and I really liked the toasted coconut on the top. My 4 year old; however, complained that I didn't tell her that there was chopped up coconuts in the pie. I asked her what she thought was in COCONUT CREAM pie. She just looked at me, shook her head, mumbled something about coconuts and walked off. OK, that's fine. I wanted to eat my pie, anyway.

    Like I said, the flavor was nice. I liked it slightly frozen and I liked the slice I had later that was completely thawed. Yes. I did eat another slice. I mean, someone had to take one for the team. I couldn't very well review it if I didn't taste it in its intended form, right? (I know, but just agree with me. It's easier). The thawed slice was nice and creamy and I liked it better than I thought I would. The only downside to the pie was the crust. It wasn't bad. It just wasn't anything to write home about. Kind of bland and just there to serve as a vessel to hold the creamy, coconut-y, yumminess. Perhaps a little salt and a little butter would have made it better. But, it was convenient and I wasn't in the kitchen for hours baking away, so I can't complain much.
If you are ever in the mood for coconut cream pie, and you don't feel like making it yourself, consider Claim Jumper. Find it in the freezer section.

Overall Rating: ¢¢¢¢

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