Monday, August 22, 2011

New Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers

    Anyone who has a baby knows that trying a new kind of diaper can create a bit of anxiety for Mom. Of course we want them to fit right so that our little ones are comfortable. And we definitely don't want them to cause a rash. It would be nice if they are affordable. And if they are cute, that's a plus. But what I am really talking about here are the dreaded LEAKS! No one wants to have to change crib sheets at 3 a.m. That said, I'm afraid I am going to have to address the topic a bit later in this post. Because really, what good is it to talk about leaks if you can't get the diaper on the kid in the first place?
    When your little one is on the move, it can be difficult to tackle him/her down and force him/her to lie still through a diaper change. These kids have stuff to do! They can't be bothered by such menial things. A better tactic would be "catch and release". Huggies has come up with a way to make that possible with their new Little Movers Slip-On diapers.

Re-closable sides
and adjustable tab.
 Let's Talk Ease of Use: Providing that you are actually able to catch your little one, Huggies Slip-Ons are really easy to use. You just simply slip them off or on, as you would underwear or pants. If your baby needs a changing that requires him/her lying down, you can easily remove the sides and proceed like a regular diaper.

 Let's Talk Fit: I really like the fit of these diapers. The waistband is  stretchy, as are the sides and leg holes. The sides are really neat, because you can open them completely, like a traditional diaper, and they can be closed back up again with no problem. And the little tab makes it easy to adjust to your baby's fit.

Let's Talk Style: These diapers are cute. They are very similar to the regular Huggies Little Movers. They have pictures of Tigger bouncing and romping, as Tiggers do best. On the front, just under the waistband, is the word "front". And the back, fittingly, has the word "back". This is a nice little feature for those less experienced in diapering... or for those easily confused.

Let's Talk Value: Slip-Ons are a bit more expensive than the traditional Huggies Little Movers. The expense is not reflected in price, but in quantity. A jumbo pack of Little Movers contains 27 diapers. A jumbo pack of Slip-Ons has 23.
You can occasionally find coupons for Huggies in your Sunday newspaper inserts. Or, if you sign up here, you can get the Huggies newsletter. From time to time, they will send printable coupons to you via Email. (While you are there, check out their rewards program.)

Now... Let's Finally Talk Leaks: I bought the Slip-Ons one evening last week, and couldn't wait to put one on my 10 month old. The thing was, she was about to go to bed. Not wanting to risk it, I decided to wait until morning. (Refer back to the changing of sheets at 3 a.m.). She wore the diaper after breakfast and through her (unusual) morning nap. Yay! No leaks! I decided to go forward and let her wear them when we went out shopping. Still no leaks. But how would they be overnight? Well, 3 a.m. came and went and I was none-the wiser. The Slip-Ons held up just as well as the regular Little Movers. I am impressed!

  One thing I did think about with the Huggies Slip-Ons was potty training. I am wondering how they will affect the transition to Pull-Ups, being that they are so similar. Now, I know that Pull-Ups have wetness indicators and the like, but I'm just not sure how she will react when the change-over comes. Will she think that the Pull-Ups are just diapers?
On the other hand, I think they will be really great for nighttime wear during potty training. Let's face it, Pull-Ups just don't always do the job overnight (Disclaimer: I have never tried the nighttime pull-ups, so I am comparing them with the regular daytime ones). I think that the absorbency will work well and there won't be the "set-back" of putting the little one in a regular diaper overnight.
I would love to hear your thoughts about this. Please leave a comment.

Overall Rating for Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers: ¢¢¢¢ 
There are really only two reasons for giving these 4 ¢ instead of 5. The main one being the price. You simply get less diapers for the same money. The other is my concerns about the potty training/Pull-Up transition.
Other than those two reasons, I think the Slip-Ons are a great diaper. I recommend them and I will buy them again.

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