Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pillsbury Sweet Moments Bite-Sized Brownies- Chocolate Fudge

    I have made it no secret that I have a sweet tooth. So, when I had a coupon for $1.00 off of one package of any Pillsbury Sweet Moments refrigerated dessert AND the store I was heading to had an in-store coupon, making my final price a mere 99¢ (most stores allow you to "stack" an in-store coupon with a manufacturer coupon for greater savings), it was obvious what had to be done.
    Now, I had never even heard of these sweet little moments before, but coupons in hand, I searched the store through. I FINALLY found them hiding in plain sight... right next to the refrigerated Pillsbury biscuits... and the Pillsbury cookie dough... that I had passed by three timed already... but who's counting?

    There they sat. Four packages left. There in my hand- four coupons. As tempting as it was, I restrained myself to only two packages. The flavor choice was easy- there was only one kind left. Lucky for me, it was Chocolate Fudge. I had been craving a good, fudgey brownie for weeks!

    We finished our shopping, loaded the groceries into the truck and got the kids all buckled in. I had the good sense to keep one of the bags of Sweet Moments up front with me. As we were pulling out of the parking lot, I was tearing open the package.

  I had my hopes up about these, and they sure delivered! They were little squares of chocolate covered brownie, with a little layer of fudge in the middle. AKA: Sweet, Chocolatey, Fudgey, Gooey, Goodness! When biting into them, the chocolate coating was smooth. It didn't crumble and fall apart.
    The serving size is three pieces, and that is enough. Really, I was happy to have my family to share them with because I could have easily eaten the entire package myself. They were THAT yummy!

Taste: ¢¢¢¢¢
Value: ¢¢¢ They were a little pricey without coupons/sales. Just under $4 at the local grocery store. With four servings per package, that is almost $1 per serving. I can make a whole pan of brownies for around a dollar!
Overall Rating: ¢¢¢¢ 
    I would totally recommend these if you can get them on sale or have a coupon. And if you can't, well, everyone deserves to splurge sometimes! I am pretty sure I will buy them again. Besides... I need to try the other flavors, right?

   Have you tried these or any of the other flavors? Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of them.

    Click Here For a $1 Coupon for Pillsbury Sweet Moments.

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