Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Call For Help

    Ten years ago tomorrow, the people of our country opened their hearts and united together to help complete strangers. But this is no surprise. It was not the first time that everyday people extended a hand, and it certainly wasn't the last. That is the spirit of who we are, as people. Even if we think that there is nothing we can do, we somehow find a way to do SOMETHING.

    I wasn't planning on posting anything on my blog today. Then I read this (please give it a read):

Help Somebody. Just do it.

From there, I read about the Martin family. A family with 8 kids, whose house is flooded. Please read about them here: Have you ever lost it all?

It really moved me. I wanted to run out and do something to help. The problem is, I am in Northern California, not Central Texas or Pennsylvania. I know there are stores in my area that are taking donations for both the fires and the floods, and I will donate when I go. But I want to do something NOW, so I am helping to spread the word. I am hoping that even just one person reads this and is moved to do something. (Of course it would be way better if more than one person can help, but you know what I mean.)

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