Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Website Wednesday:

    I love to cook. I like trying out new recipes and altering recipes to my family's tastes. One day, about 4 years ago, I was searching online for a particular recipe. To be honest, I don't even remember what recipe it was. I do remember the website I found it on, though. It was
    As I navigated the website, I continued to find more and more things that I liked. They have since added even more features. But, to me, it's the basic overall design that keeps me going back.
 While the site is heavily moderated by Allrecipes staff, it is very user-driven. Most of the recipes are submitted by members. It can sometimes take quite a while for the recipes to be tested by the staff and published. And sometimes recipes never make it. The Allrecipes staff did add a feature, though. Members are able to add their own personal recipes to their profile, so that they can share them with other members.

    Members can rate recipes they make and leave detailed reviews. The reviews are one of my favorite features. Many include advice and tips relevant to the recipe... add a little more salt... maybe a little less sugar... more cooking time is needed... etc. This is very helpful!

    Members can submit photos of the recipes they try. The photos range from basic looking pictures taken from a cell phone cameras (guilty):
My picture of
Hearty Raisin Bread beautiful works of art, both in photography and in presentation, like these:

Japanese Chicken Wings
Photo by AR member: Nandabear
Florida Strawberry Muffins
Photo by AR member: Scotdog

Brownie Torte
Photo by AR member: Mallinda
Another great feature is the "Recipe Buzz". Are you looking for a recipe for a casserole that you had as a child, but only know a few ingredients? Do you need ideas for next week's potluck? Do you simply want to do something different when your family sighs, "Chicken again???"? The Recipe Buzz is a geat place to put in a recipe request. Other Allrecipes members will help you find the perfect recipe. They will answer questions, too! Do you want to know the difference between balsamic vinegar and red wine vinegar? Or what it means to beat egg whites to stiff peaks? Or why your cookies always go flat? Just ask. Someone is bound to have the answer!

    Basic membership to Allrecipes is free, or you can become a supporting member for a small fee. Supporting members get added features like a place on the site to blog and customizable printing options.

    Allrecipes is a great resource for seasoned cooks and new cooks, alike. 
 Overall Rating: ¢¢¢¢½

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