Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Review: Garamimals Foot Rattles

Do you have a baby? 
Do you know a baby? 
Do you know someone who is going to have a baby?
Are you going to have a baby?

    If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, or if it is possible that you could sometime in the future answer "yes" to any of the questions, please read on.
    If you answered "no" to all of those questions, be forewarned: Reading on may make you want to answer "yes" to one or more of those questions.

    How many things are cuter than a baby first discovering his/her feet? In the grand scheme of things, not many! Am I right? Do you know what makes it even more fun when the little tyke tickles the toesies? GARANIMALS FOOT RATTLES! These adorable little foot rattles promise minutes of fun for your little one. (That's like hours to you and I).

    Garanimals make foot rattles for both girls and boys. My baby is a girl, so those are the ones I am showing. They have a lightweight sock portion and the rattle part is inside the plush head. My daughter likes the contrast of the pink and white pattern almost as much as she likes the panda and giraffe faces.
    I bought the foot rattles for my daughter when she was first discovering her feet. Her kicks would result in a huge smile on her face as she heard the rattling sound... which resulted in more kicking... which resulted in more smiling... and so on.

    Next came the gabbing of the feet. It was cute to watch her try to hold on to the foot rattle, while at the same time, kicking her legs. It was as though she couldn't quite figure out why she couldn't always catch them. It was fun to watch her become more coordinated and more aware, and finally catch the things!  Catching them lead to her trying to chew on the little animal faces, but I prefer to think that she was giving them kisses.

    My daughter is almost 11 months old, and she still loves her foot rattles. She kicks and rattles and grabs the animal faces. She will just laugh and laugh, until she finally pulls them off of her feet and throws them at me. This is when it becomes a game. I put them on her feet, she pulls them off. Giggle. Repeat. Giggle. Repeat. Giggle Repeat.

Garanimals Foot Rattles
Overall Review: ¢¢¢¢¢


my oh my elllie said...

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GaranimalsAmy said...

We are so happy to see that you love the foot rattles. The same thought about babies discovering their feet went into the design of this product.
Thank you so much for the review and for being a loyal customer of Garanimals. We are going to post a link to your blog on our facebook wall and give you some tweet love too. If you are not already a follower, check us out. And check out our facebook contests – the product prizes are amazing.

Smart Cents Review said...

@ my oh my ellie, thank you for visiting & following! I just checked out your page & followed back. Hee hee... my daughter had the same shirt (onesie) that Ellie is wearing in your pics. :-)

@ Garanimals Amy, Thank you for visiting my blog! And thank you for linking to my blog and promo-ing me on Twitter, too! I am already following you on twitter, & I am definitely going to check out your facebook page & follow you there as well! :-)

Our lives together.... said...

Ava has a pair of those but we've never tried them on LOL I'm going to when she wakes up and see if she likes them =)

Smart Cents Review said...

:-) I hope she likes them!

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