Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Website Wednesday: Stumbleupon

    Have you ever wished that you could go online and have the entire internet custom fitted to you and your interests?  What if I told you that you CAN! Okay, maybe not the entire internet, but a good portion of it anyway. has come up with a winning formula to connect you to sites that may be of interest to you. It is easy to get started, too. Just use your facebook account or your email address to sign up. After you are signed up and logged in, simply select categories that you find interesting. Now you are ready to stumble! Click on the stumble button and a webpage associated with one of your selected interests will come up. If you like it a lot, clock the "thumbs up" button, and Stumbleupon will save it to your favorites. If you don't like it at all, click the "thumbs down" button. Using these buttons will help Stumbleupon further customize sites that may be of interest to you. Of course, you can always choose not to use these buttons, and still have a good stumbling experience.

    So, what if you don't want to stumble all of your interests at once? You can select a category. Say you want inspiration for a new crochet project. Just type "crochet" into the Explore an Interest box and start stumbling. You will get tons of sites related to crocheting! Same for recipes, sports, video games, etc.

    Do you want to share the fun? On Stumbleupon, you can add your friends to your friends list. You can send them messages, and see what their favorite pages are. And if there is something that you simply MUST share with your friends, you can click the share button. You can then post it to your facebook wall!

    I guarantee, once you start stumbling, you will not get bored! In fact, Stumbleupon can be somewhat of a time warp. You can spend hours on the site without even realizing it!

   Click Here To Visit Stumbleupon


Life by Cynthia said...

I've recently signed on with Stumbleupon, but still feeling my way around. I'm sure that once I figure the "in's & out's" I'll end up loving it :)

Smart Cents Review said...

Cynthia, yeah. It's a lot of fun. A friend of mine introduced me to the site a few months ago... I've been "hooked" ever since! lol I'll go there sometimes when I just want to relax, and also whan I want inspiration.

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