Friday, September 9, 2011

Frugal Friday: Sept. 9, 2011

    Hi! Make sure you pick up your Sunday newspaper this week! Depending on your region, you could get up to 4 inserts this week. One of my sources shows 1 Redplum insert, 2 Smartsource inserts, and 1 General Mills insert. Another shows that it is 2 Redplum and 1 Smartsource... and the General Mills. So, I am not sure which one there will be 2 of, but either way, it should be good! I am thinking that I will pick up two papers this week.
Check your local Dollar store, you can sometimes get a great deal on your Sunday paper. My local paper's Sunday edition is $2.00. A lot of times, I just go to the Dollar Tree and buy 2 for the same price. 
Oh, and make sure that the inserts are in there when you buy the paper. I have picked up 3 or 4 papers without the inserts. Not cool. 

    So, now what? If you're like me, there are often old newspapers piling up. OK. They can be recycled. But what else do you do with your old newspapers? 

Here are some of the things I have done:

  • With 6 kids, things spill. A lot. Newspapers are super absorbent. 
  • Newspapers are great for washing windows.
  • Newspapers are fun for paper mache.
  • They are great for putting under the kids' craft projects and painting projects.
  • Send the kids on an ABC hunt- they find all of the letters in the alphabet by searching through a page of the paper.
  • Use some to help start the BBQ grill. We use it with our chimney charcoal starter.
  • Use them to line the bottom of a pet's cage.
Please chime in with your ideas!

    One more thing before I wrap today's post up. Please stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY!
I am working out a giveaway deal with a great Tutu shop. Details to come. 
What I CAN tell you now, is that it will be a "Blog Follower Appreciation Giveaway". The giveaway will take place soon. I will put up a sign-up sheet, and those following my blog can sign up. When I reach at least 25 followers, I will announce the closing of the sign-up. One "winner" will be randomly chosen to receive the giveaway item. So, tell your friends & sign up to follow my blog for your chance to win. More details to come.
Have a great weekend!

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