Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Website Wednesday:

 Chances are, if you have kids, you've either been to a Chuck E. Cheese's or you've consciously avoided Chuck E. Cheese's. If you go there from time to time, or if you plan on caving in to your children's pleads, Then I recommend you visit their website first.

    The Chuck E. Cheese's website has cool little arcade-style games for kids to play. Kids like that sort of thing. But, there are things that the grownups like too- things like coupon deals... and tools to help bribe encourage your kids to do things like get good grades or clean their room. They even have a game that allows kids to win tickets for the prize counter.

   Navigating the website, you can: find restaurant locations, view the menu and nutritional information, book parties, learn about fundraising, buy gift cards, and play games; but my favorite features of the site are the coupons page and the promotions page.

From the coupons page, you can print coupons to use on food and/or tokens. They even allow you to combine coupons in the same visit! You can also sign up for their Email Club. You will get exclusive coupons right in your inbox.

From the promotions page, you can:

Print Rewards Calendars - These are printable two-week reward calendars for things your child needs encouraging to do, like- clean their room, do their homework, or brush their teeth. When your child completes the calendar, s/he can take it to Chuck E. Cheese's and trade it in for 10 free tokens.

Check out Tokens For Grades- Your child can take in his/her report card and get up to 15 free tokens for good grades.

You can also learn about Chuck E. Cheese's promotional partners, take advantage of teacher resources, and check out their cool printable activities. is a fun website for kids and a great resource for parents.
Overall Rating: ¢¢¢¢¢

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