Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Review: Metro PCS: Part 2

    Okay, so, I wasn't planning on doing a second review post on Metro PCS... but I was doing a little reading, and I HAD to share what I found out. I want to say first, that I make it a point to not read other reviews on a product that I am reviewing BEFORE I actually review it. I think it keeps me more honest. I mean, if I read something bad about a product I probably wouldn't want to try it. If I went ahead and tried it anyway, then I might, subconsciously, sabotage the whole experience. I wouldn't want that to happen.

    Over the weekend, I noticed that I was getting a few hits on my blog just from people searching "Metro PCS" from a couple of different search engines. My first reaction was, "Cool! My blog actually made it into search engine results!" ... not Google, but Okay, I'll take what I can get! I went to one of the search engines and entered my query. I scrolled down the list of results, and sure enough, there I was! Then  another result caught my eye... and another... and another... they were all sites with complaints about Metro PCS. I clicked on one and read a review from a neighboring city. No doubt that this poor lady shopped at one of the very same stores that my husband or I have been to. You can read about her experience HERE. She is Andrea from Citrus Heights, her post dated 9/6/11. Be sure to read some of the other complaints while you are there. 

   As I was reading from that site, and others, I found myself nodding in agreement. I can identify with what almost all of those customers went through. I am amazed that Metro PCS is still in business with the way they treat their customers. See for yourself HERE and HERE and HERE. I know there are more, but you will get a good idea of why you should not do business with Metro PCS just by reading these.

    Please feel free to share your experiences here in a comment. Also, if there is another carrier that you would recommend or not recommend, please feel free to share those, as well. 

(Click HERE to see my original post about Metro PCS)




Mrmaserati said...

MetroPCS sucks terrible horrible customer service.

For over a week I argued, begged & pleaded at every level, 6 store reps, 6 online reps. In my opinion all of them incompetent and many rude. Autopay account deleted and recreate at least 4 times. Everyone keeps saying the same thing just go in and update to account info. The account was even verified by a Corporate Center supervisor. Phone service has been shut off twice. Even after the store manager at the corporate Center assured me that it ad been restored.

Then I found the emails for coroprate HQ. Two emails to three execs and the problem was fixed in two hours. You do the math. Corporate email, fax number, phone number and my complaint letter is at http://SwensonStudio.com/MetroPCS.htm

Anonymous said...

Recently I switched to Virgin. Their phone HTC EVO V 4g way better than Metro's LG Esteem and its $70 less.

As far as I can tell 4g coverage is better. Their 3g is faster than metros 2.5g and the coverage map
is way better. I have the $35 plan, which is $15 dollars cheaper than Metros. Granted it only has 300
minutes, but I never come close to that. Virgin's $45 plan has 1200 minute and it's still $5 cheaper than Metro's. Virgin/Sprint customer service is light years ahead of Metro's. So, after less than two years the $15 month more than pays for the $300 phone. But, with no contract I can bail out at any time.

In the end I have a better phone, faster data rates, better coverage, and better customer service
for less money. Well, that was an easy decision.

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