Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Review: Eucerin Calming Body Wash Daily Shower Oil

    I was given a couple of  .5 oz bottles of Eucerin Calming Body Wash, along with about 4 other different trial-sized products from my kids' pediatrician's office. I was happy to get the samples, I mean, who doesn't like free stuff? Am I right? Plus, I really like the Eucerin brand. We have been buying their facial moisturizer for years.

    When I poured the calming body wash in my hand, I noticed that it had a texture different from other body washes. I expected something that would suds up, but this barely did. It had more of a baby oil feel to it. Okay. That's fair. After all, it does say "Daily Shower Oil" on the bottle. I kept a positive attitude and an open mind, even though I was worried that it might go on a bit thick and be difficult to wash off, but it really wasn't. I actually kind of liked the texture of it.

    ...and then things took a turn for the worse...

    When I read "Calming Body Wash", I thought maybe it would have a nice lavender scent or something. Then I noticed the words "Fragrance Free" near the bottom.  Fine. I cam deal with fragrance free. In fact, it's probably better. WRONG! This stuff may not have artificial fragrances added to it, but it certainly isn't "fragrance free".  The scent is one that sort of sneaks up on you bit by bit... then it see,s overwhelming. It smells like fish. Not a nicely seasoned grilled salmon steak. Fish. Yucky, smelly, fish. Seriously, I almost gagged. It was that bad.

    I picked up the bottle to look at the ingredients. Since it was a sample size, there were no ingredients listed. I did; however, read this on the back: "Mild cleanser with the skin soothing benefits of natural omega oils to relieve and calm dry, itchy skin." Hmmm... Omega oils... THAT'S the fishy smell!

    Would I use this product again? Not likely.
    Would I recommend it? Normally, no. But, if someone had really dry, itchy skin, and was willing to try ANYTHING to relieve it, I would tell them about it and leave the decision to them. After all, the product is good. It is just ruined by the fishy smell.

Overall Rating: ¢¢

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